Doctor Profile

Dr. Karen Kristine Villalon San Juan

Bachelor of Science Major in Biology, Doctor of Medicine and Dipolmate of Family Medicine
Experience:12 Years
License Number:P13056

About me

Dr. Karen practiced as General Physician for a decade; by performing basic and advanced medical activities. Diagnosing and treating patients of different age bracket and administering medical treatments as well as procedures.

  • Medical Officer: Singhealth Polyclinics Singapore.
  • Medical Specialist II: Batangas Medical Center Philippines
  • Medical Consultant: Family Doc, Inc and Medgate Philippines, Inc

Training and Membership

  • Certified Family Physician: Seamen’s Hospital Manila
  • Diplomate of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians
  • Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine Singapore.
  • Member, Philippine Academy of Family Physician
  • Member, Philippine Medical Association




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