Chiefs win touch rugby tournament

Chiefs players celebrate with the winners’ trophy and officials after the Hurricane Touch Rugby Rumble Cup final on Friday.

The Chiefs won the Qatar Touch – Hurricane Touch Rugby Rumble Cup with a 1-0 win over the Cockatoos in the final.
Tim Newnham crossed over for the winning try early in the second half and with it claimed Man of the Match at the Iranian School grounds in Doha on Friday.
The organising committee decided to reduce playing time for both the finals, a decision that was welcomed by the players.
The undefeated Cockatoos went into the finals as favourites. However, they failed to capitalise on their younger opponents’ mistakes. They struggled to convert possession into points and opted to play up the centre rather than using their speed out wide. With the shortened playing time almost guaranteeing the first scorer success the Chiefs stuck to a simple driving plan and their single try was enough to seal their victory.
The Touch Rugby Rumble, normally reserved for invitational colleges only, was opened to all clubs, teams and players for the very first time. The choice to open up the competition was welcomed by all enthusiasts who rushed to register their participation.
The all-day event was a huge success with over 500 supporters turning up to cheer their favourite team on.
Speaking after the event, Qatar Touch’s Samuel Rico said, “What a great day of touch action. The supporters really turned out in droves and were treated with a touch footy bonanza.
“The calibre of the competition, particularly in the semis and the finals was outstanding. Congratulations to the winners, who overcame not only the opposition but also soaring playing conditions.”
For his part Hurricane Storm TRC president Hans Thomasz said, “We, the organising committee, set a high standard for ourselves before the competition and I can fairly say, we achieved every goal with pride.
“The championship was great, the matches fast and furious, the supporters rallied behind their teams, families enjoyed themselves and our partners provided us positive feedback. Thank God everything went to plan.
“The initiative to open up the tournament was a big hit amongst teams. The pool of participants was evenly spread and as the results indicate, it was very hard to pick an early winner.”
Event sponsors and partners included Bloomsbury Holiday Resort – Sri Lanka, Ooredoo, Well On Restaurant, Puncha’s Rent A Car, Blue lake Insurance Brokers, Al Safa Polyclinic, McDonalds, Total Sports, Al Jabr Opticians, Nice Drinking Water and Ali Bin Ali Pepsi, Dr Philip Mwashe, Harun Roy and Qatar Touch.